Welcome to my website!

KateHolderStrong communication skills matter to those who want an edge, whether in business, politics, or the non-profit world. I’m a professional writer and editor who crafts compelling stories that help clients sell their products and services, promote their non-profit causes, and win elective office. I specialize in politics, health care, transportation, and sports and wellness.

I draw from years of communications and management experience in national and international settings, as a former foreign policy expert and non-profit executive, and currently as a communications consultant, writer, editor, and corporate copywriter. After spending a decade in Tucson, Arizona, I moved back to the Washington, DC area in 2010, where I had begun my career. I’ve returned to my roots as a former policy wonk now helping other policy wonks, business executives, and non-profit leaders grow their markets and change lives.

Check out my Consulting Services and Samples of my work, and contact me at info@kateholder.com for help with your writing and communications needs.

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